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The first school was built in eighteen hundred eighty-two in the original site of Bridgeport which is now referred to as "Old Bridgeport". The map shown below was created from verbal accounts and some old surveys. The map shows a school located close to the cemetery and is said to be a two-story building. Some old material describes the school as a crude two-room building without a floor and log seats with no backs. There were one hundred and forty pupil attending school. The teachers were Mr. Algood and Mr. Woody. The school operated until it was destroyed in eighteen hundred and ninety-two.
In eighteen hundred and ninety-three the town of Bridgeport was moved to its present location to be close to the Rock Island Railroad. In eighteen hundred and ninety-five a new school was built on the northwest corner of Cates Street and 11th Street. The school building had two class rooms but was enlarged to three rooms in eighteen hundred and ninety-six to accommodate an increasing number of students. The student enrollment was approaching two hundred. The first teachers were Miss Lola Martin and Mr. Nevin. Several attempts were made to secure funding for a new school but were unsuccessful until nineteen hundred and two. A new two-story building with seven rooms and an assembly hall was constructerd at 1407 Carpenter Street. A photo of the school building is shown on the left side of this page.
The school enrollment the first year was two hundred and fifty pupils. Seven teachers were employed with Mr. Charley Hardcastle bring the first superintendent.
In nineteen hundred and ten a new three-story brick school building was constructed at 1608 Cates Street. The building had thirteen rooms and an assembly hall. The building was completed in nineteen hundred and eleven. Four hundred and fifty pupils enrolled the first year and Mr. Bird was superintendent. Some of the following superintendents were Mr. Jones, Mr. Johnston and Mr. Sampson. A photo of the building is shown on the left side of this page,
In nineteen hundred and twenty a school building was built on the west side of the Rock Island Railroad tracks to accommodate a larger school enrollment. The school was designated as the Pollard Jetter School. The building had two rooms. The first teachers were Ola Tinney and Mr. Ford. A photo on th left shows the location of the school. The building shown is not the original school building.
In nineteen hundred twenty-nine a new high school was built at 1407 Carpenter Street. The building is shown in a photo on the left side of this page. This school became a junior high when a new high school building was built in nineteen hundred and fifty nine.
The photos below show the school buildings as of 2006. The details of the school system as it stand today may be seen on the Bridgeport BISD web site. The URL of the BISD system is:
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A review of the Bridgeport School System was compiled by Donald Majka in 2018. This review complements and updates the information presented above. The content of this review can be seen by clicking on REVIEW OF BRIDGEPORT SCHOOL SYSTEM